Can We Break Up Yet?

by It Comes in Waves



this is what band #13 known here for to as "It Comes in Waves" came up with for the 4th Lottery League season in Cleveland Ohio 2016. We had good times, we had no times, we had a funk jam in there somewhere, but ultimately, from February until April of 2016 this is what 4 complete strangers who had never played together before came up with. You can take that to the bank and then rob it.


released April 13, 2016

Joshua Jesty: vocals, bass
Noah Depew: guitar
Meredith Pangrace: accordion
Thomas Paine: drums

recorded, mixed and co produced by Bart Koster at Midtown Studios
april 9-10th, 2016



all rights reserved


joshua jesty Cleveland

Joshua Jesty is a professional starving artist based out of Cleveland Ohio. He has been making music that people have been getting eargasms from since 1998.

now a days he dances salsa, kicks doctors, and makes tons of pop and un-pop music.

His latest release is "I love you question mark". he lives with no regrets and his rabbit Hazel in a physical house.
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Track Name: Tanzler
you've got a look in your eyes you shouldn't see
may no one ever take you away from me

you're really stuck in my head

I'll bring you back from the dead and then you'll know about life
I put marbles in the place of your delicate eyes
you'll come back to me you'll come back to me
and then I'll show you we were meant to be

when they displayed you for the whole town to see
how dare they come take you away from me
Track Name: Have Some Hope
it's another one of those tragedies
where it don't work out and the storm won't pass
so the dam walls break and the towns afloat
and everyone's drowning

yet we get told, to have some hope
we've been sold, but have some hope

it's another one of those policies
that the thieves write and pay the politicians
to make it real to make it stick
and we sit back and say that was slick

it's another one of those democracies
where you think our voice would matter but it doesn't
no our voice means nothing, our voice means nothing
unless its sponsored by greed
Track Name: Ladder
don't give up, don't give in
don't you feel afraid
don't give up, don't give in
don't you hesitate
to know
I'm not letting you go

bring us a ladder
we're getting over this

don't give up, don't give in
don't you ever feel lost
don't give up, don't give in
regardless of the cost
I'll pay any price to save you
from the depths of hell