by joshua jesty

how should I know if you want any part of me if you follow your heart it's just a trail of arteries and you in my arms with your glasses on still don't seem to manage to see you're the only one I want you're the only one I want as the night ends I'll push you away I get the sinking feeling you don't want me to stay
Super Want! 03:35
I hope she wants to know me, cause I don't think I can play this game the one where we pretend that maybe and certainty are the same I will walk the fine line, between lust and hope I will set myself up, to get knocked down so low does she see the signs, the she was looking for I just need her to know I have never wanted anyone so damn much I wonder if she feels the spark, that I feel when we lock our eyes it's a mystery to me I need to solve before I go and lose my mind
life don't make a lost of sense neither did you guess in the end my friend I liked your lies better than your truth when all your problems stack so high they sway give it that sweet silence baby and it'll go, it'll go, it'll go away so go and do that little dance the one you do at night where you lay around unable to sleep wondering why just ignore it baby
something in her eyes, makes me feel so sad I can see that spark, that I'll never have oh sure she smiles at me, as she passes by but she won't give me any time woah is me, if only longing could move the sea she doesn't know, she doesn't know, she doesn't know how she breaks my heart she still has my heart, no it's not all bad if there is another, I'll come and take it back but I have my doubts, someone will come by who gives me that kind of high woah is me, if only longing, could make her see
alone 02:14
I don't like the way it don't come together when our schedules say we can't align I don't like the way the clock moves so slowly cause its your arms I want the clocks arms are no friend of mine I like to be alone with you I don't like the wait, the money, or the weather cause I don't think they show me what I need to know I don't like the times that we have to sever cause I've yet to find a good way, to let go somewhere in the feast of your body is a connection I need to feel cause everything else seems a bit to gawdy yeah not much here seems real so if you see fit to let me in don't see fit to let me go cause you fit where the others left a hole I don't like the way we never get ahead we just always get pushed to the back of the line I don't even know what we're standing here for when we can sneak off and go somewhere and hide
atlantis 03:21
you're just as lost, just as confused as all those other fools but you don't seem to give a damn about anything other than what you feel, what is true that's what I love about you let's take it slow, take it so slow, take it so slow til time stops and we fall down in sheets that get so soaked that we can pretend we're in atlantis and no one can call us, and no one can write and you're right by my side oh you're right next to me there's an angel, in your heart and there's a devil , in those other parts and you've been hurt, but you keep moving you don't give up, you don't see ruin
I could stay on this static filled phone if you were on the other line talking of death and bad dreams and telling jokes all night la de dah, I feel into your green eyes la de dah, they grew on me like vines la de dah, I want to hear your secrets la de dah, I hope you're one of mine I wonder at times what you're thinking and I hope you start to find any excuse or reason to invite me inside
if ever 02:39
you and I make for the odd pairing I'll be the secret that's not worth sharing someone went and messed with your precious heart I've seen it all drowning all the anger and bullshit with pills and alcohol I will give you my word that if you're falling down, I'm here for you if ever if ever, you need that let's pretend that no one can infiltrate this little hideaway of blankets and pillows we made go and hide, but come back soon go and hide, but come back soon, I miss you
go and place your bets, I know how this one plays out think so much about your debts, and you're focused on the same route putting your heart, into things that fall apart with time we spin round in circles, you raise my thought and then I'm right back down to where I started again what was the point of that? if we all know how this one plays out I like what I see deep in your eyes, don't pretend you have no doubts when this world falls apart I won't be sorry that I held you close I won't regret the paths we both chose and I'm not done loving you
so nice 05:16
you got me throwing things away I don't like that part of it I think you have fun making me wait I don't like that part of it who else are you auditioning for that coveted part? the one who you'll let in to play with your heart oh I, will treat you so nice baby sometimes I don't know what to say I don't like that part of it time moves so slow when you don't stay I don't like that part of it is this the part where you let others come and weight in? I don't need anyone's thought when we're so close swaying don't you hate it when things get tied up? no? is that so? sometimes you're all that's on my mind I don't like that part of it when you say you want love yet I'm not deep in your eyes I hate that there's a part of me that wants a piece of you but I more than want all the other parts too I would treat you so nice baby
your soul got stuck in this body for a little while tell a few jokes and get out before it gets to wild every plane will crash, every passenger will drown that's about the way I felt until you came around I find salvation in the curves of your body your soul got stuck in this body for a little while have a few kids and get out before it gets to wild everything is worthless yet the greedy want it anyway I don't want anything other than lying in bed with you all day if you were in a plane then love would be in the air for me if you're down with that let's put the botch in debauchery I find salvation in the curves of your body
you made my whole life a drag think your heart was on the rag fuck you alo o o o o ot for your birthday I forgot maybe you found happiness seems you were always gunning for less forgot all the bullshit we went through forgot how you'd always put the blame on me not you forgot how you fucked me up emotionally for a year or two the thought of you is still in my brain it's the thought of me strangling you in the rain so when you go to sleep at night just know I wish the best for you in your miserable life
doesn't it seem like we put people in charge who say they'll help us out but then they're just fucking around so then we pick a side and make a bunch of noise how can you make it right if you're just fucking around that's enough of that I met a girl one time who knocked my heart around I thought she was the one but she was just fucking around I lost a year or two just pining for her touch it wouldn't have meant so much if I knew we were fucking around that's enough of that I'm not gonna take this seriously, ever again at the end of the day isn't all that we want a situation where we can all just be fucking around maybe we shouldn't lie maybe we shouldn't pretend cause I'm sure in the end this life is just for fucking around
you should fall in love with me I'll hold you when you're feeling down I'll make the funny faces and play the clown you should fall in love with me you should fall in love with me I'm not the really jealous type come and go but always know you're welcome by my side you should fall in love with me time isn't on our side nor was it ever but when our paths collide I feel a whole lot better you should fall in love with me I'm not much for the holidays let's celebrate the moments we get in this messed up place you should fall in love with me you should fall in love with me even if we only fall apart you'll always have a space inside my twisted heart you should fall in love with me you should fall in love with me
I like kissing you I like running my hands up and down your back feels like the first and the very last gasp I'll ever take each time hey there enigma I wanna spin you round and round and round hey there vampire I wanna spin you round and round and round I like kissing you I like running my hands up and down your back take the blues I feel and make them black throw some stars in and call it a night hey there actress I wanna spin you round and round and round hey there bad dancer I wanna spin you round and round and round round and round and round I like kissing you I like running my hands up and down your back falling for you like some hopeless sap god help me you feel like home


"Gasp" is the the 5th record Joshua Jesty has written and recorded during the month of February. This year he took some liberties in adding a few other songs that were on the verge of falling into the abyss otherwise. Please enjoy and spread to friend.


released February 28, 2013

Thank you Mike Miles for telling me to write some love songs, in some weird way, the more I wrote "love songs" the more I realized what I had to let go of in the loss department and what I had in store for me once I started realizing what exactly it was that I wanted. Thanks K for popping in for the last minute inspiration, thanks Mom for your endless support, thanks Hazel for being a cute as hell bunny, thanks Mike, Joshua, Bob, Horchy, Tom (can't misspell your last name if I don't use it), Missy, Matt, Dan, and Evan for backing me up and being amazing musicians and friends, and thank you to everyone who takes these songs and makes them a part of their experience, that means the world to me.

All songs written, recorded, arranged, performed and mixed by Joshua Jesty save for

Saxophone: Jim Metzendorf
Cello: Tara Hanish
Violin: Andrea Belding

(Tara and Andrea appear courtesy of Seafair, and that band (as well as many others in the Cleveland area) absolutely rule. Check them out too.


all rights reserved



joshua jesty Cleveland

Joshua Jesty is a professional starving artist based out of Cleveland Ohio. He has been making music that people have been getting eargasms from since 1998.

now a days he dances salsa, kicks doctors, and makes tons of pop and un-pop music.

His latest release is " will be forgotten". he lives with no regrets but many tacos in a physical house.

"songs about death disguised as love songs"
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