Last years marvels

by joshua jesty

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Kid Tested This is a great work of art. Joshua Jesty always speaks from the heart and is willing to be vulnerable and use humor to heal. Love this music!


Last Years Marvels was written and recorded by Joshua Jesty at Infinite Jesty Studios 2017-2019

Cover Photo by Cassandra Craig


released August 27, 2019

it's mostly Joshua's fault. The following parties contributed various joyful noises

Evan Wilhelms : Bass and 1,2 and 9
Chayla Hope: Vox on 2
Cold City Horns: Horns on 2
Patrick O'Donnell : Drums on 1 and 8
Dan Meath: Trap Kit, Hose 2, 5, and 9
Jessica Stewart: Keyboards on 5
Dave P: Bass on 5

"Black Rabbit" was written while Joshua was in the short lived lottery league band "Hot Dignity". While Josh wrote the melody and the lyrics the song very well might not exist without the talents of Roseanna, Kat, and Paul and he hopes one day the Hot Dignity record will exist.

I love you's: to anyone who reads liner notes anymore, my boo Cassandra, Dodi, Jon, Hazel, and all of you who've been a part of my silly yet admittedly intensely entertaining life.


all rights reserved



joshua jesty Cleveland

Joshua Jesty is a professional starving artist based out of Cleveland Ohio. He has been making music that people have been getting eargasms from since 1998.

now a days he dances salsa, kicks doctors, and makes tons of pop and un-pop music.

His latest release is "Last Years Marvels". he lives with no regrets but many tacos in a physical house.

"songs about death disguised as love songs"
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Track Name: If I stay for the night
if I stay for the night will you have the same interpretation
or will we both be confused upon further rumination

despite our sight being blurry
we saw what we wanted to see
Track Name: Things in the ocean
it was a look at first
that turned to a glance
we both took a chance
at what we want

there are things in the ocean
that will make you scream
if they crawled on land and started evolving
Track Name: I used you
now we can admit
that we were full of shit
when we said
"you were all I needed"

I used you
but darling don't forget
you used me too
Track Name: I need to know you're miserable
I need to know you're miserable
I need to know the light don't shine so bright
and when you laugh it's just a front to hide
that you're broke inside
Track Name: Allison
I heard she punched a guy in the face
but I'm not scared
cause she's knocked me off my feet

it's like the night before christmas
cause I can't get any sleep
Track Name: Black rabbit
you might think you've made it through

but I am coming to get you
Track Name: No one's gonna let you down like me
come close to me so that one day
we can see who pushes who away

no one's gonna let you down like me
this was never gonna end smoothly
Track Name: Little hands got the button
darling you reek of sea salt
was this a crying or drowning affair?

little hands got the button
I think you should dance with me
Track Name: Captain powerless
there'd be no sense of disease
no need for others sympathy
we'd just roll around in bed all day
I would make all this fear go away
but I can't
cause I'm captain powerless
Track Name: The right one
you might never take a bow
but you like the applause
Track Name: I still dance with you
last dance of the night
feels like it was in another life
Track Name: Encore
I like your head on my shoulder
I like your hand in my hand
I like how we move across the floor
and I
want an encore

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