Little hands got the button

by joshua jesty



Your protests and your picketing signs mean nothing if you don't vote.

go vote, the children shot dead in our schools don't have a voice anymore, but you do. Don't take that for granted

go vote, they want you to be silent, they want you to be docile, they want you to give up.

I don't quit, and neither do you


released October 23, 2018


all rights reserved



joshua jesty Cleveland

Joshua Jesty is a professional starving artist based out of Cleveland Ohio. He has been making music that people have been getting eargasms from since 1998.

now a days he dances salsa, kicks doctors, and makes tons of pop and un-pop music.

His latest release is "Last Years Marvels". he lives with no regrets but many tacos in a physical house.

"songs about death disguised as love songs"
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Track Name: Little hands got the button
Curses and curse words
and other things that send us to hell
looks like we're going soon and I say oh well

all I wanna feel is no regret
all I want is you in hope and sweat

little hands got the button
I think you should dance with me
we'll all soon be nothing
would you wanna lay with me?

cut wrists and take risks
and other factors we let
keep us devalued in day dream jobs
aw well, fuck it

darling you reek of sea salt
was this a drowning or crying affair
at any point did you realize
I was there
Track Name: A note to politicians
it can't just all be
it can't just all be

how can you not know what happens when you put a toaster in a tub
does anything matter to you unless it's something you can profit off of?

it can't just all be
it can't just all be
fucking dumb and corrupt

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