1. I'm glad you got to stay

  2. soon you'll be surrounded

  3. ooh baby

  4. the right one

  5. I need to know you're miserable

  6. Can We Break Up Yet?
    It Comes in Waves

  7. Night Droppings

  8. it's your fault everything's alright

  9. Now is the time of our Awkwardness

  10. I love you question mark

  11. wasn't the world supposed to end?

  12. meditative sounds of wind and wind chimes with occasional moments of painful dismemberment

  13. the universe doesn't stand a chance against Joshua Jesty, live at wruw 9/19/13

  14. Greatest Hit of the Week

  15. Gasp

  16. Here comes Krampus you Jerks

  17. skeleton

  18. Made of Ducks (raw mix)
    these violent young lovers

  19. do it again/sorry that you're always wrong
    these violent young lovers

  20. not hanging around

  21. sophomore slump
    these violent young lovers

  22. joshua jesty and the make out sessions: live ep 3/18/11

  23. portugal

  24. Joshua Jesty will be with you in a minute

  25. ghost pressing on body: a 2010 collection

  26. a very these violent young lovers war on christmas is over (if you want it) single
    These Violent Young Lovers

  27. Finally, Joshua Jesty has friends, Vol 1.

  28. fuck you, probably
    These Violent Young Lovers

  29. cross body lead/I still won't know
    Joshua Jesty

  30. the song where I talk about how time screws me over when I'm with you / I don't wanna go

  31. i can already tell/ we went to motherfucking space

  32. good news, I'm a nobody
    Joshua Jesty

  33. m.o.b

  34. Girl
    Joshua Jesty

  35. Finally, Joshua Jesty is famous, all the hits: volume 15

  36. lost levels
    this is exploding

  37. Under No Obligation to Do Anything: this is exploding, live 10/6/05
    this is exploding

  38. Until the Next Red Light
    this is exploding

  39. this is exploding
    this is exploding

  40. limits of a pop song
    Love Scream

  41. Ouch....look at you, you're a Mountain EP!
    Love Scream

  42. more songs about the reproductive cycle
    Love Scream

  43. dem o's

  44. put some strangs on it!

  45. I made you a mix CD why don't you fall in love with me live


joshua jesty Cleveland

Joshua Jesty is a professional starving artist based out of Cleveland Ohio. He has been making music that people have been getting eargasms from since 1998.

now a days he dances salsa, kicks doctors, and makes tons of pop and un-pop music.

His latest release is "I love you question mark". he lives with no regrets and his rabbit Hazel in a physical house.
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