wasn't the world supposed to end?

by joshua jesty



released January 2, 2014

written, performed, arranged and recorded by joshua jesty at
infinite jest studios cleveland ohio

"I can't wait to see you light" was mixed by Joshua Kaler at Hello Telescope in Charleston, SC
"Not hanging around" was mixed by Phil Dubnick in his secret hideout in Boston MA
"some nights" was mixed by joshua jesty
all the rest were mixed by Dave Sheaffer at Corpse Mountain Studios in Boston MA
Mastered by John Walsh at Criteria Audio in Euclid OH

layout, being awesome by Emily Dove (www.emilydove.com)

thanks to: Dodi, Jon, Dorothy, Hazel, M,D and E, Mike Miles, Joshua Davis, Bob Jones, Gary Rehner, Dan Meath, Owen Biddle, Joshua Kaler, Phil Dubnik, Dave Sheaffer, Matt Lee, Justin Markert, Missy face punch Beminio, Horchyhorchyhorchyhorchy, Tom Pivor, Wilhelms!, Dan Price, Brian Hill, Nick Tolar, all the people I've danced with, and all the people I haven't danced with.



all rights reserved


joshua jesty Cleveland

Joshua Jesty is a professional starving artist based out of Cleveland Ohio. He has been making music that people have been getting eargasms from since 1998.

now a days he dances salsa, kicks doctors, and makes tons of pop and un-pop music.

His latest release is "I love you question mark". he lives with no regrets and his rabbit Hazel in a physical house.
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Track Name: I can't wait to see your light
though your heart might break, or your body shake
you've got each moment to define

though I feel it, though I feel it

I can't wait to see your light

actions sometimes hurt, and the words won't work
but what's right is left in good time

when this song ends, I might dip you
but I'll never let you fall
Track Name: some nights
I would lay in bed some nights and wonder what it'd be like lying next to you

all your friends have their two cents but they don't amount to a dime
if I'm of any value to you, you call me anytime

I would walk around the store, and wonder if we'd get bored if we got to close

all these questions only lead to more questions, and who needs to ask anymore
if I'm an answer to you, you just show up at my door

keep me waiting if you have to
you can build the suspense
just tell me if I'm going crazy
cause the tension I felt I didn't think was pretend

I could take the steps, I could fashion stories, and do what I have to do
but all I can see that benefits you and me, is to wait for you
Track Name: so what
so what, she's gone, you aren't the one
you thought got to stay

love ain't reserved for you and her
there's nothing left to save

all your hopes
and dreams you think aren't going to come about
as if you're in some perpetual drought
have you ever thought to doubt your doubts
you don't see that you're drowning in it

this love you felt is not a fault
it's not a game
so what she's lost and you won't find her
but this love it stays

this love it stays
don't you see that you're drowning in it
Track Name: jumped the shark
I make a list it goes on and on and on
of all the things I did wrong
so don't you start, telling me when I jumped the shark
just know I was the happiest I'd ever been when I was in your heart

get drunk, over eat, the self destructiveness goes on and on
walk the streets so out of place, write a bunch of worthless songs
so don't you start, telling me when I jumped the shark
just know I was the happiest I'd ever been when I was in your heart

one day, when the thought of you and I is long gone
I hope you keep what's best of it, and carry on
and you don't start, wondering 'bout when we jumped the shark
just know I was the happiest I'd ever been when I was in your heart